There are over 80 million home owners and 27 million businesses in the United States. The current process to find lawn care providers is outdated. Home and business owners either have to search online or through newspapers. If successful in finding one, they’re bombarded with invoices, forced to leave checks in mailboxes or under doormats and pushed into iron clad contracts. For lawn care professionals, it can mean wasted gas and time driving to faraway neighborhoods, no marketing for their business, and an endless hope of word of mouth to find work.

Smile, because the solution is LawnTap, a mobile app that uses your phones GPS to detect your location and connects you with the nearest available lawn care professional. You simply request service on your mobile device and it’s sent out to hundreds of local lawn care professionals to review and compete for your business. Best of all your lawn care professional is vetted and required to meet LawnTap standards. We take safety and customer service VERY seriously. Once service is completed, you approve payment by a simple tap on your phone and rate it on a five star scale. That’s right! You a baaaaad Mama-Jama.

Our Team


Will Egwu

Co-founder and CEO

Previous COO of Athlete and sports fanatic. Sickening work ethic and believes sleep is for the weak.

Garrett Franks

Co-founder and CTO

Known to the team as G-Money, Garrett is a GOD when it comes to the Android platform. He says what he means and means what he says. The dude codes in his sleep.

Jeremy Fox

Co-founder and Director of Engineering

Loves mobile development and his guitar. The only cool nerd with tattoos all over. Enjoys staying up to date on cutting edge technology and has nightmares of Will calling him at 3am.

Denis Sergeychik

VP of Product

UX/UI guru. He's Russian and can churn out a sexy design in seconds.

Esli Lara

Director of Sales

Strong sales background and doesn’t take no for an answer. Will refers to him as the Pit Bull in sheep’s clothing!

Reginald Graham

QA Engineer

Reggie gets the job done when it comes to testing so we sleep well at night!


Founded: February 2016
Headquarters: Atlanta, GA




We’re disrupting an old industry with the worst customer service, and dragging it kicking and screaming into the mobile age. We’re moving at a good pace but would love to step on the gas. If you’re ready to ride with us, check us out on F6S.