World’s first autonomous lawn care

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How it works

Stay connected to your lawn
*Provisional patent pending 

Inserted in your lawn, the LawnTap Lawn Sensor continuously monitors conditions around your home 24/7/365 days a year. 

Real-time information sent to your phone

The LawnTap Lawn Sensor connects to your Wi-Fi network to send lawn care providers updates on when your lawn should be mowed. You simply approve the request and add additional services through the LawnTap app.

You’ll never worry about your lawn again

Your lawn becomes a single natural system that organizes and controls itself. 

The LawnTap Lawn Sensor takes the guesswork out of lawn care

Know exactly what’s happening with your lawn. The Lawn Sensor constantly monitors and sends data to give you a snapshot of lawn conditions. Stay up to date on the height, moisture and even weather conditions that could impact your lawn.

From anywhere in the world keep tabs on your lawn with the LawnTap Lawn Sensor

Whether you live in Georgia and you’re on a family vacation in Florida, your lawn is constantly growing. Know what’s happening in real time so you can keep it healthy. The Lawn Sensor tracks light, temperature, moisture and lawn height based on your preferences then sends a request to vetted lawn care professionals. Once the lawn pro accepts the job, they’ll be out to perform the service. No need for you to be home. Your lawn will take care of itself. 

Pre-order your very own LawnTap Lawn Sensor today and be one of the first few
to receive it in Summer 2018.

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