LawnTap FAQs


How does LawnTap work? 

LawnTap uses your phone's GPS to detect your location and connects you with the nearest available lawn care professional. When you request a job, we’ll find the best professional and let you track their location on the map. Then, stash your phone – We’ll text you once they arrive. Your lawn care professionals name and business appear in the app, and you can message or call if you need to.  


What does it cost? 

LawnTap is free to use. No hidden fees. Using our secure site or mobile app, you pay the lawn professional at the agreed-upon price when the job is done.


Where can I get LawnTap Lawn Service?

LawnTap is growing every day. We currently offer lawn care service in Georgia and Texas. The LawnTap team is hard at work adding new markets every couple of months, so check back if we are not currently live in your area.


Who are the lawn care professionals and are they good or safe? 

LawnTap carefully selects which lawn professionals we allow to provide service to homeowners. Our lawn care providers are all licensed, insured, and personally vetted by us. We don't let all partners into the LawnTap community as we have an approval process to become a LawnTap partner, including:

•             Background checks

•             Acceptance of LawnTap’s standards

•             Verification of experience and equipment

•             Professional Reference


What can I expect to get?

Included in each lawn service request is professional mowing, weed eating around obstacles and trees, and also edging of sidewalks and paved surfaces as well as clean up and blowing off of hard surfaces after mowing.


What happens if the service isn’t to my satisfaction? 

First, you don't pay until after you have confirmed the service is completed. We do not charge your card up front. If something isn't right, our partners will work with you to ensure you’re happy with their service and 100% satisfied.


How and when do I pay the partner? 

You will pay securely via the LawnTap mobile app when the lawn has been mowed to your satisfaction.


How can I get the mobile app? What does it do? 

The LawnTap mobile app will enable you to request on-demand lawn care service, receive notifications, and pay your lawn service provider on the go. Just type LawnTap in the Apple App Store, or Google Play store.


What if I don’t get a response to my lawn care request? 

There are many factors such as weather and equipment issues that could impede your lawn service provider from mowing your lawn on the exact day that you’d like. LawnTap makes this easy. If no partners accept your request within 1 hour, your request will be closed and you’ll be sent a notification letting you know there are no partners for available date and time. It is then recommended you choose another date and time to ensure service.


What if I want more landscaping done? 

Currently, LawnTap is focused on making it easy to find, schedule, and pay the lawn care professional for your basic mowing and weeding. Soon we will be adding features to order additional work such as mulch, tree work, sod etc. For now, these additional projects can be worked out directly with the LawnTap partner you’ll have a relationship with. If you are only considering a large scale project, and don't need lawn mowing, we know 100’s of partners in our service areas, so feel free to email us at and we can give you a referral to best fit your needs based on your project.


Can I just use LawnTap once? 

Of course we would love for you to trust LawnTap with all of your mowing needs, but if you just want to take a break or go on vacation, LawnTap is here to help. Our partners are ready and willing to take on any 1 time cuts or all season visits.


What if I am not home, how will I know the lawn actually got mowed? 

No worries, you don't have to be home because you will get a picture of the completed service sent to you via email and the mobile app. Also, we’ll give you time to make sure everything was done to your satisfaction before your card is charged. We’ll send notifications to your phone once the job has been completed.


I know somebody who can do my lawn for half this price. Can you match this? 

We doubt it. There are a ton of 'lawn care companies' that lack insurance and a valid business license, and there's no way we can compete with them on a price point. However, with LawnTap all services are performed by vetted licensed lawn care professionals. So rest assured, your lawn is in good hands!


How do I unsubscribe from LawnTap's text messages?

We strive to provide the best service and updates for your lawn care needs, but sometimes this can be annoying. We get it. You can quickly opt-out of text messages by texting STOP to 678-944-9874 or by replying to one of our texts. If you accidentally unsubscribed and wish to begin receiving texts from us again, you can do so by texting START to 678-944-9874 or by replying to one of our texts. Need help? Text us a question or respond with feedback. We'll be sure to get back to you as quickly as we can! Or send us an email at for additional assistance. Message and data rates may apply.